What is a Creative Classroom?

Join us in our Movement to Ignite More Creative Classrooms

We believe in kids. In their spunk, spirit, and imagination. We believe every child deserves to learn in a creative classroom. That’s why we founded Kiddovate almost 5 years ago, to help teachers build creative classrooms in their own schools.

And it’s working! Thank you to our thriving community of educators. You inspire us every day.

Looking forward to 2017, let's continue to ignite this movement of creative classrooms together. Count on Kiddovate to give you more of what you love:

  1. Exciting (Free) Lesson Ideas. Each week, we offer free lesson starter ideas, YouTube tutorials, and reproducibles to jump start your own creative classrooms. We communicate with our vibrant community through our Tuesday Tips Newsletter, and our Blog, YouTube Channel, and social media outlets.

  2. Innovative Classroom Tools: Many of you know us for our awesome classroom tools. We develop, test, and sell simple tools and resources to light the creative fire inside your students (and inside of teachers, too).

  3. Kick-in-the-Pants Inspiration: Yes, we also believe in the spunk, spirit, and imagination of teachers! We know that finding ways to inspire creativity requires some creativity on your part! So we give you a friendly nudge that arrives in your inbox once per week. We’re the little voice in your ear reminding you to make creativity in the classroom a priority.

If we can help you in other ways, please let us know.

Thank you for being a part of the Kiddovate Community! We wish you a very happy holidays.

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