Kids Imagine their Future Jobs

Want to challenge your kids think deeply? Last week, we posed this question to a group of middle school students. "Imagine a job that will exist in the the future that does not exist today." These are some of their responses:

  • Genetic Artist

  • Food Engineer

  • Robot Psychiatrist

  • Autonomous Law Enforcement

  • Medicine Kiosk

  • Virtual Vacation

  • Teleport Coordinator

  • Sleep Engineer

  • Athletic Performance Gambler

  • Personal Nutrition Cocktail Maker

  • Robotic Politician

  • Robotic Chef

  • Nature Integration Consultant

  • Organ Farmer

  • Trait Selection Adviser

  • Simplicity Consultant

  • Electronics Implantation Counselor

Try an imagination exercise like this in your classroom with the help of our Visual Thinking Cards, proven to increase creative thinking output.


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