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We are passionate about preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators. We’ve developed tools, resources, and workshops to help educators and parents teach lifelong critical thinking and innovation skills to kids; in the classroom and beyond. Contact us to learn more about our programs or visit our store.

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Featured Tools

Hands-on Problem Solving with our Maker Cards

50 fast, fun, and flexible maker activities for all ages.

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Kickstart Creative thinking with our Innovation Cards

Spark creativity and expand thinking with these visually stimulating cards. Buy Now

Creative Thinking Challenges Mobile App

Hundreds of creative verbal, hands on, and media activities to stimulate creative thinking in your classroom today.

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Team & Advisors

  • Emily Greene

    Emily is the founder of Kiddovate, where her passion for innovation helps shape tomorrow’s workforce. A published author with a degree in creative writing from Northwestern University, she is also co-founder and President of VIVA Creative where she leads vibrant creative teams in the delivery of award-winning work.
  • Day Halsey

    Executive Director
    Day has been inspiring emerging teachers to support creative thinking in children since 2004. Her experience in teaching, developing educational programs, and adapting lessons to meet the needs of diverse learners makes her an integral piece of the Kiddovate puzzle.
  • Claire DuFief

    Director of Development
    Claire has a degree in Public Health Education and Spanish, and is the Director of Development for Kiddovate. Having worked with children for many years, she is passionate about education and excited to help the Kiddovate program become integrated into schools.
  • Sarah Taylor

    Digital & Social Media Strategist
    Sarah is a social media and content powerhouse, using her expertise to amplify the voice of Kiddovate online. She has developed strategic digital plans for some of today’s most recognized brands.
  • Conor Duncan

    Content Writer
    Passionate about educating young people, Conor was a teacher long before she earned her degree in education in 2014. Her bliss meets at the intersection of teaching and traveling. With experience in education that spans across continents, she’s on a mission to make learning joyful.

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